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Number of Empowered Girls

Over the past 10 years we have helped over 5,000 girls become their best selves. Through mentoring, job training, incentive trips, food and clothing drives.

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Number of People Served

We are proud to have served roughly over 10,000 families in Metro-Detroit. We serve seniors, middle age, youth and children through our initiatives and food pantry.

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Numbers of Volunteer Hours

We have at least 10-15 volunteers at each event. But, our goal is to have at least 30 volunteers because of the capacity and number of community members that attend.

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Where the
money goes

Current operation and program
spending breakdown

  • Annual Field Trips
  • Transportation
  • Food Pantry
  • Supplies and Gifts for the Girls
  • Operations and Marketing
Annual Field Trips23
Food Pantry26
Supplies and Gifts25
Operations and Marketing11

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