Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

The purpose of Destined for Greatness is to empower and motivate at-risk young ladies ages 11 to 21. Our mission is to show these youth that no matter what their downfalls have been, there is always a way to rise up above the negatives. The D.F.G Mentoring Program provides tools to help young ladies truly become Destined for Greatness!

.We educate, encourage and empower young ladies to do things, which once may have seemed impossible to achieve. The goal is to build strong leaders and future professionals. We must stop the streets and crime from taking our future generations and turning them into mere statistics. Our topics include, but are not limited to: hygiene, self-esteem, education and job readiness.

Our Founder

Shadora Ford

Raised by a single mother and born in a drug- infested neighborhood the cards were stacked against Shadora. She was once deemed a smart but at-risk youth, Shadora knows first hand what her mentees have gone through. Alumni of Detroit Public Schools was always active in school activities, clubs, and sports teams. Although she was applauded by her academic and sports achievement she was also receiving disciplinary actions for unacceptable behavior. The cards were stacked against her and she was destined to just become another statistic.

Shadora would go on to become one of the youngest of her classmates in college and eventually work her way to the top of Michigan Works One.  In 2010, Shadora started DFG Mentoring and now serves over 5000 plus girls in the Metro Detroit. She also runs College Ready/ Entrepreneurship Camps through Wayne State & Oakland University and employs Detroit youth through the G.D.Y.T program.  Ms. Ford is employed with the Mayor’s Office in the Department of Neighborhoods as a District 4 VISTA. The same girl who was counted out is now being counted on. This goes to show it’s not how you start it’s more of how you plan to finish.

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